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I'm a Swedish filmmaker based in Los Angeles, CA, with a doctorate in Communication from Purdue University where I studied storytelling in organizations. My Swedish origins contribute to why I credit Pippi Longstocking as an early role model. My passion for stories led me to my own screenwriting and story development.

As a filmmaker, I produce, write and direct scripted and documentary movies. I co-produced Academy Award-nominated Daniel Raim's documentary, IMAGE MAKERS and my award-winning short film, Dr. Penelope, is on the festival circuit.

I am a Women in Media CAMERAderie Initiative producer and previously worked for the American Film Institute’s Conservatory. Currently, I am working on a documentary and a short film, with other projects on my development slate. I also work as a story consultant. In my free time, whenever I can, I ride a horse called Eddie.

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Some of My Current Projects

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A Few Interviews With Me

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Work With Me

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Workshops & Coaching

  • Find your story!

    • Documentary development

    • Short film development

    • Create a slate

  • A communication approach to film funding

    • ​Collaborating with funders and funding communities

  • Social impact filmmaking

    • Investing in social impact movies

    • Academic to documentary

Script to Screen

  • Scripted and documentaries

  • Story development

    • Get your story camera ready​

  • Project management

    • Organizing and managing the process​​​


Chantelle J. Filmmaker

Annika was a great help to me at a time when I was searching for career answers. She really helped me gain clarity of my long-term goals as a filmmaker and gave me some solid ideas for possible career paths that are in support of my goals. I would recommend Annika as a career coach/adviser to anyone who is searching for answers and needs career support.

Patty M. Writer/Producer

Annika is a skilled storyteller, able to apply her in-depth knowledge of dramatic structure and screenwriting tad a top-notch story consultant. I have hired her to review and critique my own screenplays. As a writer/producer (both an WGA and TV Academy member), I am extremely particular about whom I engage as a consultant. Annika possesses an impressive story sense and insight into the human condition, crucial to effective character development.

Logan M. Documentarian

Annika challenged my very being and inspired me to act in ways that I had not seen before while looking into my own mirror. I am grateful to have met Annika. The moment of her listening was a gift in itself. 

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