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Photo: Ashly Covington

My Story:

Annika Hylmö, Ph.D.



As a story consultant and executive coach, I am an artist at heart. My journey brought me to the heart of storytelling and entertainment.

I have a doctorate in Organizational Communication from Purdue University, which gives me a deep understanding into how stories work with large groups, how stories are told, understood and their impact. After academia, I spent time consulting with corporations and cause driven nonprofits. I worked with aerospace, technology, the arts, human rights, medicine and education until I joined the staff at AFI’s Conservatory where my expansive network of very talented filmmakers grew.

Since then, I to write, produce and direct. On the narrative side, my short film, DR PENELOPE, was executive produced by Academy Award nominee and Emmy winner Tom Rickman. My next film, EDDIE’S TURN, is produced by Academy Award winner Betsy Pollock.


On the documentary side I’m writing/directing THE LAST WITCH with producer and film commissioner Cassandra Hesseltine. I co-produced Academy Award-nominated Daniel Raim's documentary, IMAGE MAKERS for Turner Classic Movies and am story consulting and/or producing several other projects in various stages of development and production.


Not to mention being one of Women in Media's CAMERAderie Initiative producers and part of prestigious Greenlight Women when I’m not riding a horse called Eddie.

My stories come from my own experience and have a personal connection but touch and inspire audiences around the world. I create stories with layers of themes and surprises, stories that take the viewer on an emotional, visual and visceral journey while challenging us to think and make a difference.

I look forward to helping you create yours!

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Photo: Ashly Covington

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