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Classes that POP!

Ready for a shot-in-the-arm?

A Smorgasbord of Classes for Filmmakers!


“Don’t wait around for someone else to tell your story. Do it yourself by whatever means necessary.”—Lena Dunham


Every month, I will offer a minimum of four classes, usually more (with the exception of December). Some classes will be in person, others will be online. In addition, you will have the opportunity to participate in bi-weekly anything goes calls or webinars. 


Be part of a Peer Learning Community 


Here is a sampling of possibilities:


Story Development

  • Archetype characters – looking to ancient mythologies to create the characters of today. What does Athena look like in a modern world? In the future? How can she inspire your story?

  • Backstories – the overlooked tool to capture great characters and worlds. What happened before always influences what happens now and why. It’s the key to your character’s happiness – or despair

  • First 10 pages – what needs to be there and why that matters. If your first 10 don’t draw a reader into your script, viewers won’t be drawn in either. A few tweaks can get you there!

  • Scaredy cats – every character has to have a fear or two to overcome. When two or more characters get together with their deepest fears in tow, story ensues

  • And who knows what else?



  • Audience analysis – connecting with your audience means that you need to know who they are and how to stay in touch with them. Your project wants eyes on a screen at the other end. This is about letting those eyes know that something great is heading their way

  • Business group coaching – as a filmmaker, you have to be an entrepreneur. At least once a month, you will have the opportunity to join a discussion about strategy and direction for you as a small business professional

  • Pitching by email – do’s and don’ts to increase the chances of getting attention for your script

  • Project planning – get that project going and push it along as we develop 3-month actionable plans

  • And more!


Simple cost structure:

Monthly subscription - $150/month

3-Month subscription - $300 (that turns into a free month!)


Questions? Ready to sign up? Contact me!


What are you waiting for? 



“Work very very hard. This business is no joke. Make sure you know what you want or you might be taking someone else’s view instead of your own.”—Zoe Cassavetes



Annika is a skilled storyteller, able to apply her in-depth knowledge of dramatic structure and screenwriting as a top-notch story consultant. I have hired her to review and critique my own screenplays. As a writer/producer (both an WGA and TV Academy member), I am extremely particular about whom I engage as a consultant. Annika possesses an impressive story sense and insight into the human condition, crucial to effective character development.

-Patty M.

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