Script to Screen Action Planning -

a workshop for creative professionals

For Filmmakers Ready to Make it Happen!

Have a goal for what you want to accomplish by the end of the year? One of the most important elements to be successful is often the hardest – creating an action plan that you will be able to follow and reach your goal.

This class is about getting projects not just imagined, but MADE. 


In this workshop, we will look at:


  • The difference between intentions and goals

  • Big picture stuff—your mission and long-term vision as a filmmaker

  • Your current project(s) and challenges to overcome

  • Your short- and long-term goals and targets for a specific project

  • Your available strategies and resources

  • Your risks and opportunities

  • Your budget

  • Your schedule

  • … and more!

This is a unique class for professional filmmakers!

You will end up with a simplified, manageable 3-month plan of action that gets you going NOW, that works for YOU and that will hold you accountable so you get it DONE.

In addition, to support you in your continued success, you will have access to a dedicated Facebook group that lets you track your progress with weekly updates and check in with other participants in the group for support.

You will also have the option to sign up for ongoing coaching with me at a special discounted rate.

Date: September 8, 2018

Time: 9:30-12:30

Location: TBD - Westside Los Angeles


What is keeping you from reaching your goals?