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For Companies, Studios & Films Schools

When you need storytelling HELP & ADVICE! 

Strategic Planning

Too many projects fail because there is no plan in place for how to reach those goals. A strong strategic plan helps make sure that goals are reachable in a manageable timeframe with the resources that you need to get there.

Research & Surveys


Having the right information available when you need it is critical--and time consuming. Get help to get it done so that you can focus on what you do best, then get the results back in a form that you can actually use to make good decisions.



Sometimes you need to be able to step away from leading a meeting or two so that you can focus on the decisions that have to be made.


Executive Coaching

Being a leader can mean working in a vacuum where you need someone to challenge and support you in ways that others at work cannot. 

Film School Accreditation

Translating the creative language of film into academic jargon and back again without everything being lost in translation can be a challenge. I speak both languages fluently, whether you need help with explanations or to explain so that it makes sense to both sides so you can focus on what you do best - teach great filmmakers to tell amazing stories.

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