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For Filmmakers & Writers

Forge ahead to get your stories PRODUCED!

Story consulting - getting the words on the page

  • Straightforward story notes that take your project from good to great

  • 100% supportive to help you push your characters’ story through motivations, journeys, arcs and transformation

  • Incisive and spot on detailed insights to sharpen plots, protagonists and everything else that builds your story

  • Polishing advice to get your script ready for production

Development – stepping toward the green light

  • Diligent searches for ideal stories and scripts for production  

  • Audience analysis to know who to reach out to for the funding that you need

  • Creative pitching support to help you sell your project and yourself

  • Rich understanding of sociocultural contexts and genres to place projects with the right communities

Producing - getting it made from preproduction to post

  • Fixing what needs to be fixed

  • Deep connections to find the right key crew for projects

  • Project management and organization, including scheduling, paperwork and policies

  • Industrious ability to anticipate, solve problems and back collaboration

  • Warm and considerate solutions, even when dealing with challenging situations

Annika directing 3.HEIC
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