Focus on finding your SECRET SAUCE!

For Entrepreneurs, Techies & Startups

Where are you?


  • Do you have a lot of amazing ideas that your audience have a hard time getting?

  • Are you pitching your projects and getting nowhere?

  • Do you have a clear focus that you can pitch in a split-second?

  • Are you working hard at your business while your ongoing bills get mouldy because they haven't been paid?

  • Would you like to stop spinning your wheels and get your projects funded?

What questions are you asking yourself?


Consulting can help you to get clarity and to take action in many areas, such as:

  • Creating a plan of action that you actually will follow

  • Develop a vision that sets you up with a clear project that your funders and strategic partners can rally around

  • Creating a mission based business that aligns with what your funders care about

  • Prioritizing tasks and managing your time to get you closer to your goal

  • Finding industry trends and opportunities that work for you before they work for someone else

  • Reaching the goal that you set for yourself


I will help you to move forward quickly by:

  • Honing in on YOU as an entrepreneur--your voice, mission, and vision for your work

  • Looking at your unique projects to see where they flow in your bigger picture

  • Determining who you need on your team, who you need as a strategic partner, and what you are looking for in your hired help

  • Creating a plan that lets you juggle multiple projects at once 

  • Updating and prioritizing what needs to be done and cutting it down to make it manageable 

  • Supporting you in REACHING YOUR GOAL faster, successfully and saving you money

What is keeping you from reaching your goals?