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For Filmmakers & Writers

Momentum to get your stories PRODUCED!

Where are you?


  • Do you have a slate of projects but don't know where to focus?

  • Do you have a good sense of your audience and what the marketplace looks like for your stories?

  • Are you pitching your projects and getting nowhere?

  • Are you paying your bills while your own creative projects gather dust?

  • Would you like to stop spinning your wheels and see your projects on screen?

What questions are you asking yourself?


Consulting can help you to get clarity and to take action in many areas, such as:

  • Developing a slate that sets you up with a project ready to make and others ready in the pipeline when the right opportunity comes up

  • Creating a pipeline of projects that shows your voice as an artist with an awareness of the business to make them

  • Prioritizing tasks and managing your time to carve out more creative blocks

  • Staying on top of industry trends and opportunities that work for you

  • Reaching the goal that you set for yourself


I will help you to move forward quickly by:

  • Honing in on YOU as an artist--your voice, mission, and vision for your work

  • Looking at your current client work and what you have in the pipeline 

  • Looking at your unique creative projects to see where they flow in your bigger picture

  • Creating a plan that lets you juggle multiple projects at once in various stages of development 

  • Updating and prioritizing what needs to be done and cutting it down to make it manageable 

  • Working together—you will have projects to do between our sessions and I serve as your thought partner, support, and accountability resource

Annika is a gifted coach and helped me to identify career options that would be a good fit. She also opened my eyes to how I could achieve my professional goals through ways I'd never considered before. I highly recommend her.
-Jamie H.
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