Creative and Career Coaching requires a lot of commitment on your part, including time and energy. I have discovered that you have to be willing and prepared to do some things to be successful, for example:



 There will be projects that you need to think about and complete outside our time together. That means that you have to be able to devote several hours of your own time outside our sessions every week to keep the momentum going.




You have to be prepared to let the process work. Our commitment will be for 3 months (6 sessions). Thoughts and ideas take time to mature. You will experience ups and downs during this time and have to be willing to push through.




Most likely, we will be talking about money at some point during our time together. Even before you start to work with me, it’s important that you have some of it in place. You have to have money to pay rent while you are getting coaching. You also have to have money for food and basic necessities. You may not have your ideal job, but you do have to have a “bridge” to get by. If you do not have money, you will worry too much for the process to work.



Working with a coach is an intense and satisfying time when you will experience a lot of new and exciting energies. You have to take care of yourself while you are getting coached. If you are going through surgery, recovering, facing major illness or similar, this is not the right time for you to work with coaching. Focus on getting better and include coaching as a highlight on your future horizon.



Coaching is not therapy. We will be talking about areas of your life that will be emotional and you have to be prepared and ready to put yourself first. If you have trauma that you need to work through, then please take care of yourself and get a fantastic therapist. I want to work with the best YOU that you already are to move you to an even greater future!

Annika was a great asset to discovering where I went next and was always inspiring and empowering me to find my path. She is a great listener and astute in helping you make decisions. I would highly recommend her to coach you in your creative and career endeavors.

-Karin T