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  • Board and staff education on how to have fun while making raising the money that you need easier than you think

  • Fundraising planning to cover your expenses and ensure sustainability

  • Development and producing support with mini-documentaries that help tell your story to get you the money that you need

  • Aligning programs and operations that speak to clients, funders and donors for a strong community base of stakeholders

  • Updating your mission, vision, goals and actions to ensure your actions are aligned with your intentions

  • Targeted, attainable goal setting for a foreseeable and sustainable future

  • Executive coaching for leaders to hone their skills and grow in their roles as they implement the strategic plan

  • Connecting teams and leaders to prioritize tasks, engage in their work, and collaborate with colleagues on projects

  • Retreat facilitation to allow teams from executives to entry level to step outside the everyday and freely focus on new ideas and strategies

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