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Research Keys to Success

Knowledge is Everything

Customized Solutions Served to Order

Environmental Scanning

Know your world:

  • Who are your major competitors? What makes them successful?

  • What customer trends matter to your business? What is happening?

  • What changes are happening in your industry?

  • What changes are happeing in related industries that will impact yours?

  • What industry successes and failures can you point to as learning experiences for your future success?

  • What legal changes are on the horizon that will affect you?

  • Where are your opportunities in your environment?

Quantitative Data:
Crunching the Numbers

Know your targets:


Identify the metrics that you need to track and how you will use the information that you get.

  • Full data management support:

    • Communication and Expectation management

    • Question construction

    • Research management

    • Analysis

    • Reports and Recommendations

  • Surveys and polls

  • Existing internal data reviews

  • External data reviews

Qualitative Data:
Deep Digs

Know your community:


Get deeper understanding of what influences and intrigues your people so you can build a stronger community.

  • Full research management support:

    • Communication and expectation management​

    • Question construction

    • Facilitation

    • Confidentiality management

    • Analysis

    • Reports and recommendations

  • Focus groups​

  • In-depth interviews

  • Textual content analysis

  • Visual content analysis 

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