Please read carefully!

Script Submission

Script submissions - please note:


I've been asked by my colleagues if I know of fresh stories that can be developed into features or episodic TV. 


It takes a lot to develop a script, so I have my own criteria for what I want to consider working with. 


I am looking for projects that are:

  • Commercially viable

  • International appeal

  • Female driven (including a great protagonist - not just a token)

  • Teen or grown women

  • Characters matter - smart, intelligent

  • Comedy, drama, action/thriller, fantasy, sci-fi

  • TV or feature

  • FRESH!

How to submit:

  • DO NOT SEND YOUR SCRIPT until asked to do so

  • Please submit a logline and a brief description of your project

  • Tell me why your project is unique - one in .a million

  • Keep your pitch succinct and to the point - you are more likely to get my attention

  • If you have multiple projects, pick your best shot

  • Email your pitch to This is the ONLY way that I accept submissions

  • If I ask to read your script, you will be asked to sign a release form

  • Any pitch that you send my way comes with full awareness on your part that there are many stories in development at any point in time and that yours in all likelihood bears some resemblance to other stories. 


You may or may not receive a response and especially not as quickly as you would like. Please be patient. I receive hundreds of pitches. If you have something really, really good, I will get back to you. 


Please look under Resources for important tools and related information.


Meanwhile... Keep writing!

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